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Onelan 4K Digital Signage Player - NTB-4K-1100-S


Onelan 4K Digital Signage Player - NTB-4K-1100-S


Entry Level Video Wall Controller/ Premium 4K UHD Digital Signage player supporting up to 9 video zones. This slim profile solid-state product has no moving parts and offers unrivalled reliability.

Fanless, Intel i5, SSD-128GB, HDMI & DP, Screen Mountable, 16GB RAM

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4K Players

ONELAN NTB Digital Signage is the complete solution offering high performance solid-state devices, powerful feature-rich software and networking options for turnkey content management and delivery. Thousands of ONELAN NTB digital media players are installed right around the globe.

ONELAN's wide range of rack mount and small form factor 4K UHD and HD digital signage players offers a player to match your budget and requirements. Loaded with "NTB" Linux player software tailored specifically to each hardware platform these players deliver high quality multimedia playback and 24/7/365 reliability. Our premium 4K player can even be used as an entry level video wall controller with up to 16 video output zones.

Player options available depending on model include: DVB-T TV cards, HD capture, MPEG UDP IP Streaming, Remote control, touch and Data integration. NTBs come pre-installed and undergo rigorous testing in the factory prior to shipment so you can get up and running faster and with fewer issues.