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Onelan CMS Server


Onelan CMS Server

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ONELAN Content Management Server (CMS)


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A sophisticated planning, design, distribution and management appliance for enterprise multichannel digital signage networks.

Content Management

The ONELAN Content Management System (CMS) software leverages more than a decade of development and industry experience to deliver users a business tool that makes creating, publishing and managing content simple and dependable.

The CMS features a simple multilingual web user interface to create full screen and multizone content channels. The ONELAN solution also enables local on site content updates to be made and basic content control e.g. changing layout or changing TV channel. Balancing simplicity and ease of use with access to more powerful features for experts the CMS is suitable for both novice and professional users and scales seamlessly from single to thousand player networks.

The CMS is a comprehensive platform to achieve your organisation's goals be that brand engagement, increased revenue, compliance, increased efficiencies, awareness, cost reduction, customer satisfaction, to name but a few. See the Case Studies section for detailed examples of how ONELAN Digital Signage has made a difference.


ONELAN provide a range content management solutions. The Net-Top-Box Publisher (NTB) can be used from small network solutions, The Content Management Server (CMS) and CMS Virtual are ideally suited to large networks with over 20 players. The CMS also has additional advanced features not found in the NTB Publisher such as role based access control and automated local or network backup.

CMS-Server: Intel Xeon CPU E3 rack mount appliance with 500GB HDD drives and 16GiB of RAM. The CMS-Server provides concurrent access for upto 5 users at a time and simultaneous multichannel publishing that can be both automatically or manually initiated. Suitable for network deployments.

CMS Virtual: The CMS Virtual is a VMware virtual appliance and is feature compatible with CMS physical appliance. Hosting theCMS as a virtual machine has many benefits including:

• High Availability/ zero downtime
• Reduced maintenance costs with the ability to host your CMS Virtual in a public cloud.
• Manage your appliance from any web connected device

Player to Publisher Upgrade: For cost sensitive and smaller installations any NTB player platform can be configured as a basic NTB Publisher CMS. As a channel server it is suitable for up to 10 subscribing players. Used in conjunction with a separate channel server network size is only limited by the server specification. It offers all the core functionality of the CMS-Server for a single concurrent user and one active channel.