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Introducing the Wolfvision Cynap to Ireland

We have just added the amazing Wolfvision Cynap™ to our product range. 

The Wolfvision Cynap™ helps companies and educational facilities to combat the challenges of BYOD, Recording and Streaming, and Wireless Presentation.

Wolfvision Cynap in action

Wolfvision Cynap in action

Cynap™ can play, display, record, and stream all commonly used media simultaneously, providing incredible versatility during meetings, lectures, and collaborative sessions. Information is easily available, whether stored locally or in the cloud - without many of the limitations often found on other devices, and files are also accessible for playback using a connected USB stick.

Lectures, presentations, and meeting content can be streamed, and additionally, students or work colleagues on the same network as the presenter can receive and record a stream using our vSolution Capture app. Recipients can even personalize their own copy of the recording by adding notes and annotations in real-time.

If used with a touch screen, extra content material can be created quickly and easily using the built-in digital whiteboard and annotation features of the Cynap™ System. Written notes are easily recorded and shared, along with other multimedia information.

Check out how easy it is to use Wolfvision Cynap for BYOD wireless presentation here:


For more information or to arrange a demo of the Wolfvision Cynap in Ireland, contact us today on 01 2530484.